Quiz competition on FCR held at Law College

Abdur Razzaq

PESHAWAR: Speakers at a seminar pointed out some provisions of the Frontier Crime Regulation (FCR) violating the international humanitarian laws and fundamental rights of the constitution of Pakistan.IMG_0841

This was stated during a quiz competition titled “Youth Awareness Activity on Amended FCR”, held at Law College, University of Peshawar on Monday. The event was organized by Equal Access, a non-profit organization, under its project Nawe Sahar, a radio program. The activity was aimed to create awareness among the students and radio listeners about the recent amendments in FCR made by the previous government.

The college principal, Fayaz-Ur-Rehman was the chief guest while other teachers including Assistant Professor Inyatullah Gawas, Assistnat professor Nadeem Azam, lecturer Miss Sobia Basheer and lecturer Parveen Gul, and students of LLB part-3 participated in the event.

A renowned senior radio and TV dramas’ artist and producer of the Kadam Pa Kadam, Qazi Muhammad Hamis, and Islam Gul Afridi, producer of Nawe Sahar program were also present on the occasion.

Talking about the history of FCR, Assistant Professor Inayatullah Gawas said that the FCR was promulgated by the British Raj in 1901 to counter the tribal Pashtuns’ resistance to save their empire.

He added that Federally Administrated Tribal Areas have its geo-strategic importance and it also have borders with Afghanistan in the West, further said that the British rulers were afraid of the interventions of Afghans in the sub-continent so they designed FCR with the collaboration of local elders in order to peruse their desired goals.

He said that some intellectuals termed the FCR as a combination of tribal customs and traditions; either people were agree with this concept or not but some provisions of FCR were violating the international humanitarian laws and constitution of Pakistan.

He mentioned that the last government had extended Political Party Act to FATA, adding that government should extend the jurisdiction of judiciary to tribal areas and by doing so the people of the tribal areas would be able to get justice in a true sense.

Muhammad Fayaz-Ur-Rehman praised the efforts of Equal Access and said that it was a healthy competition for the students, adding that students should participate in such healthy activities as they would learn more about the FCR and other public laws.

At the end, chief guest awarded trophies to the quiz competition participants including Farman Khan, Yaqub Khan, Shamim Shah and Basri.


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