RAHA-UNDP KP organized training workshop on ‘Conflict Management’

Dateline Peshawar Report

PESHAWAR: The Refugees Affected and Hosting Programme (UNDP-RAHA Funded by EU) of KP organised a two-days training workshop on “Conflict Management” for government officials from various departments.DSC03478(1)

More than 15 government officials from various departments participated in the two-day training workshop, held here on local hotel.  The basic objective of the workshop basic objective was to build the capacity of the officials of public sector institutions on the important subject of conflict management arranged by Pakistan Institute of Management under the RAHA-UNDP (funded by-European Union) Programme.

The Director Pakistan Institute of Management (PIM), Mohammad Abid Hussain as trainer during the workshop, informed the participants about various forms and types of conflict at the management level, explained the approaches and means through which conflict can be eliminated. “The conflict is defined as disagreement between two or more parties, resulting from incompatibility of goals, interests, values, and perceptions”, Mr Abid Hussain said.

At the end of the two days workshop, the government officials shared their positive feedback. They termed the training as very informative, and enhanced their capacities. The officials further mentioned that they will handle and practically implement on basis of knowlegede by gaining during this workshop. They especially extended gratitude the RAHA-UNDP (funded by EU) for organising such trainings as expected more in future.


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