17 killed, 47 injured in a car bomb blast

Abdur Razzaq

PESHAWAR: Peshawar witnessed another dreadful attack of terrorism as 17 persons including two personnel of security forces were killed and 47 others were injured, when a convoy of Frontier Corpse was targeted with car bomb blast near Badhabera police station on Sunday.Peshawar

Police and eyewitness said that unknown persons had parked an explosive laden vehicle near Badhabera police station aimed to target the convoy of Frontier Corpse. As the convoy reached near the site, the explosives packed car was exploded with big bang, causing multiple casualties in main market of Badhabera.

The intensity of the blast was so high that its sound was echoed across the city, while the body parts of the victims were found few meters away from the blast scene. The site was stained with flash and blood of the victims while large number of shops and dozen of vehicles damaged as a result of the powerful blast.

Local rescuers, Edhi ambulances, Alkhidmat foundation workers and rescue 1122 staff immediately reached the site and retrieved the dead and injured from the scrape of damaged vehicles.

The injured were shifted to Lady reading Hospital Peshawar where emergency was imposed in the casualty ward of the hospital. The injured also include two children and a woman. Two of the seriously injured personnel of Frontier corpse were also shifted to Combined Military Hospital (CMH) Peshawar.

Moving scenes were witnessed in the casualty ward of LRH, where relatives of the victims were searching for their near and dears. Large number of people thronged the Lady reading Hospital when they were informed about the high intensity blast in Badhabera.

Those who were killed identified Alif Jan son of Khan Zada, Amjad son of Shakhauddin, Farooq son of Imran Ghulam Farooq son of Ahmad Gul, Gul Janab son of Usman, Imrana Bibi wife of Saleem, Intizar son of Sher Zaman, Jamil son of Hasan Gul, Luqman son of Sher Ali, Riasat son of Zarsaz, Sadarat son of Zermin Khan, Sher Mast son of Miraq Shah and Tariq Shah son of Zarsaz and Wisal son of Misal.

Those who were injured identified Abdul Qadeer son of Niaz Mohammad, Abdulla son of Rang Badshah, Abudllah son of Awal Khan, Abdur Rahim son of Afzal, Abu Bakar son of Mena Jan, Adnan son of Ghulam Shah, Afzal son of Alauddine, Alamzeb son of Aurangzeb, Ali Mohammad son Din Mohammad, Amjad son of Malang Jan, Aurangzeb son of Amin Khan, Aurangzeb son of Zareef, Bibi Haula daughter Abdul Wahab, Dawood son of Ghufran, Dildar son of Iqbal Shah, Fazal Rahim son of Said Rahman, Ghazni Gul son of Raidi Gul, Gul Zameer son of Batin Shah, Hanif son of Qadif, Amin son of Abdul Akbar, Bilal son of Mir Jan, Inam son of Shah Sanam, Intikhab Alam son of Shah Khan, Javed son of Mumtaz, Kabir Ahmad son Zameer Gul, Kabir Ahmad so of Zameer Gul, Karim son of Zaidullah, Lal Mohammad son of Wali Mohammad, Lal Zaman son of Painda Khan, Riaz son of Niaz Wali, Said Wali son of Qasir Samar Gul son Sharbat Khan, Samarullah son of Ashraf Khan. Smrin son of Javed, Shabir son of Ayub, Shaheedullah son of Sher Mast, Shahid son of Noor Mohammad, Shakeel son of Alam Khan, Sher Zaman son of Sawab Jan, Sumbal daughter of Zahid, Wahid son of Mohammad Ayub, Yaqoob son of Said Ghulam and Ziaul Islam son of Abdul Salam.

Heavy contingent of Police and security forces also rushed toward the blast site and cordoned off the area. According to bomb disposal squad around 40 Kilogram explosives were used in the attack and its main target was the convoy of security forces, which was heading toward Peshawar city from the lawless tribal area. After the blast security forces also opened aerial firing aimed to disperse the crowd and to avert any follow up incident.

Deputy Commissioner Peshawar Javed Marwat said that police have launched search operation in the area to arrest the responsible persons. He confirmed that 17 persons have been killed and 36 others have been injured as a result of the tragic incident.

Meanwhile, the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Governor, Engineer Shaukatullah has strongly condemned the targeting of a convoy of security forces at Badhabera near Peshawar on Sunday and while expressing his deep shock and sorrow over the loss of precious lives has said that the elements involved in the heinous crime will be brought to court of law and justice.

The Governor has also expressed his deep sympathies with members of the bereaved families and said that the elements involved in the heinous crime of extremism and terrorism are in fact out to malign the very soft image of the country and the nation as they do not have any concern with religious norms, cultural values and tradition of the society and deserved to be condemned by all.

It is worth mentioning here that Badhbera town is one among the most affected area of terrorism as on one side it has border with Frontier Region Peshawar, while on the west it is attached with militancy plagued tribal area of Khyber Agency. Due to poor security at the border militants frequently infiltrating from Bara Khyber agency to launch attack on law enforcing agencies and government installations.


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