Generator’s smoke can cause lung cancer, says doctor

Abdur Razzaq

PESHAWAR: Unscheduled and prolonged power cuts in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province have forced shopkeepers to use power generators in the crowded markets here in the provincial metropolis, but its smoke and continuous noise can cause lung cancer and disturb spirit of tolerances.

Talking to the Dateline Peshawar, Nauroz Khan, a cloth merchant at Shafi market in Saddar, said that due to unscheduled power outages they had to use generators. Continuous use of generator could cause noise pollution, which had badly affected their spirit of tolerance, he admitted.Lung-Cancer

“Customers mostly visit those shops which have lights and that is the reason they use power generators,” stated another shopkeeper, Asif Iqbal.

To a quarry he replied that due to heavy load-shading they could not use Ultimate Power Supply (UPS) because it did not store charge for long time and UPS also consuming more electricity.

He said that expenditure of oil and gas for the generator was more than electricity bills. He appealed to the government to take concrete steps to overcome the prolong load shading and save their business from collapse due to massive power cuts.

Asad Ali, a customer, said that use of generators inside the narrow markets have also caused an increase in chest diseases, adding that costumers especially female were reluctant to go into the shops due to smoke and noise.

“Noise and smoke not only harms visitors but also dangerous for the traders as they have to face it for several hours,” he said.

Shakeela Hayat, a costumer, said that in past they (her family) were frequently used to come for shopping here at night because in day time they had to go to their offices but now due to heavy power cuts they felt irritation to visit these congested and narrow markets because of generator smoke and its loud noise.

She added that mostly parents brought their children for shopping and the noise and smoke of generators were very dangerous for those children, adding that parents should not brought their children to those areas where smoke and noise could affect their health.

Dr Naveed Khan, a medical specialist at the Khyber Teaching Hospital (KTH), said that most people were feeling uncomfortable due to noise pollution, adding that it affected their hearing power and could cause irritation, hypertension, high stress level, hearing loss, tinnitus, paralysis and sleep disorder. He said that smoke could cause lung and chest cancer too.


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