Massive power cuts irk students during exams

Abdur RazzaqExams

PESHAWAR: As the weather turned hot and load shedding accrue in the provincial metropolis and other adjacent areas has multiplied the miseries of the students who are taking intermediate exams.

Like other parts of the province, 12 to 14 hours power outage was witnessed in the Khyber Supper Market, affecting studies of the intermediate students who are residing due to lack of accommodation facilities in the hostels of their educational institutions.

A large number of the students including the tribal students whose families had been suffered in the ongoing war on terror and military operations in their areas have been residing in the Khyber Super Market since long and prolonged power cuts has annoyed their studies.

Salman Khan, a student of intermediate, said that the examinations were about to start in the last week of May but prolonged load shedding had affected his preparation for the examination. They would not be able to attempt their papers due to extreme temperature and suffocation in the exam-halls due to lack of electricity.

Muhammad Irfan, a student hailing from Khyber Agency, said that unscheduled power cuts had affected his studies and it would be difficult for him to attempt his papers well. The students were forced to use candle lights but it was difficult for them to sit in the room without having electricity fans in extreme temperature.

Hamida Bano, a college lecture, said that it was difficult for the students to attempt the papers in extreme temperature in the absence of electricity. It was also difficult for the invigilators to observe properly around 250 or more candidates in a single exam hall due to suffocation and intense heat inside, she said, adding that the students did not attempt their papers keenly but fulfilling the formalities due to unfavourable conditions in the halls due to severe temperature.

She said sometimes the students fell fainted due to high temperature and suffocation in the congested halls. Attempting the papers well and acquiring good marks were beyond the access in the presence of such power cuts, she added.

The students asked the government and authorities concerned to take measures regarding provision of power at least in the exam days.


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