‘Today’s students have limited knowledge’

Abdur Razzaq

PESHAWAR: A day-long summit in connection with “World Book and Copyright Day” was held on Tuesday at Sahibzada Abdul Qayyum Hall, University of Peshawar, where the speakers highlighted the importance of book reading and urged the teachers and students to protect books and libraries for the coming generations.World Book Day

The seminar was organised by Peshawar University Librarians Association. Vice-chancellor Prof Dr Muhammad Rasul Jan was chief the guest, while other faculty members and a large number of students from various departments were also present on the occasion. Students of the Department of Library and Information Sciences displayed placards inscribed with different slogans about the importance of books and libraries.

Speaking at the seminar, Rasul Jan said universities were playing a vital role in the field of knowledge, adding that these institutions were considered as industries for promotion of education in the country. He mentioned that in neighbouring country, India, more books were studied by the teachers for a single subject while in Pakistan he did not observe the same trend, adding that in Pakistan students mostly followed one book for their studies and that was why they did not have enough knowledge as compared with other nationals.

He said the celebration of the day reminded the importance of books but unfortunately no one took interest to aware people from all walks of life to read books, adding that teacher and students should also take keen interest to benefit from libraries.

Assistant Prof Muhammad Ismail, the chairman of Department of Library and Information Sciences (LIS), said the Copyright Act in Pakistan was not exercised properly and that was the reason people use to violate the law, adding that mostly foreign authors’ books were copied illegally.

He said government had made regulatory bodies and sometime because of international pressure those bodies took action against those who were involved in such immoral practices. To a quarry, he said whether the Copyright Act practiced properly in the country so it would help the educational institutions in eradicating the culture of cheating in during examinations, adding that the authors would easily convey their actual ideas to the readers and no one would be able to create illegal copies of other ideas and work.

He cited that in Pakistan there were about 250 public libraries which could not fulfil the needs of the masses and that was the reason behind low literacy rate in the country.

Naheed, a student of LIS, talking to The Spokesman, said such programmes were fruitful for the students. She added libraries lacked updated books and that was why students mostly using internet for studies materials.

She said libraries had importance and government should install internet facilities and also provide updated editions of all kind of books in libraries so that the students as well as general people could frequently visit them.


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