No check on medical practice in Khyber Agency

Abdur Razzaq

PESHAWAR: Tribesmen on Tuesday asked political administration to take action against the chemists, druggists and laboratories’ technicians who were found involved in corrupt practices and were running their clinics without having required documentations in Jamrud and Landi Kotal tehsils of Khyber Agency.khyber_agency

Talking to The Spokesman, Abdul Jalil, a private medical practitioner, said that government writ did not exist in all tribal areas including Khyber Agency and that had been the reason why there was no check and balance on these corrupt and illegal practices. Such illegal clinics could be proved fatal as they lack adequate medical knowledge, he lamented. He informed that at maximum, only two to five per cent chemists running their clinics were legal and had licenses or B-Pharmacy degrees and if government took action against, a few legal would be remained functional and remaining be abolished.

Muhammad Tariq, who running a private clinic in Landi Kotal, said most of the pharmacists in Landi Kotal did not have the required documents and sold medicines without check and balance thanks to the political administration of Khyber Agency. Indian medicines smuggled from Afghanistan on Torkham border were openly selling in some medical stores but no action had yet been taken, he deplored.

He boosted that due to lack of check and balance, most of the laborites’ technicians had been working in various laboratories despite the fact they had no relevant experience in pathology and could not diagnose diseases through medical tests. The tests conducted by theses inexperienced technicians could prove fatal, he added. The government should arrange proper check and balance system in the agency so that lives of the people could be saved, he said.

Another chemist, while seeking anonymity, said that he had degree in B-Pharmacy and also had licence, adding that the government should take stern action against the fake technicians and keep check on medical stores and clinics on regular basis. Federally Administrated Tribal Areas (FATA) Director Health Services Dr Fawad Khan said that health regulatory authority act had not been implemented in tribal areas and such practices were synonyms to play game with precious lives of the dwellers of the region.

He said that there were no drugs inspectors on directorate level and in the past there were divisions on provincial levels and the drug inspectors had been working in each division. They had to visit tribal areas but deteriorating law and order situation in the Agency, such visits of the drug inspectors were halted.

Fawad said that under the Frontier Crimes Regulation (FCR) the political administration had the authority to check drugs in open market and also check control of the borders to stop smuggling of sub-slandered and Indian drugs.

Despite several attempts by this scribe, the political administration officials did not responded to the phone calls.


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