NYA Youth-Media Summit held at UAP

Abdur Razzaq

PESHAWAR: Speakers at Youth-Media Summit 2013 on Tuesday held at The University of Agriculture, Peshawar (UAP) lauded the importance of media in the development of nations which cannot be ignored in this technological era.IMG_3045

The program was organized by National Youth Assembly, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa chapter, which was sponsored by Premium Education Center (PEC). The event was attended by Vice Chancellor (VC) UAP, Prof. Dr. Khan Bahadar Marwat, Dr. Shahjahan, chairman department of Journalism and Mass Communication, Iqbal Khatak, senior journalist, students and media persons. Shafqat Abbasi, President Pakistan Press Council, was the chief guest on the occasion.

 Prof. Dr. Khan Bahadar Marwat on the occasion said that media had been playing a very important role in education sector and nowadays a student could easily access educational materials through media.

He mentioned that in Afghanistan the Taliban had full control over the state but they did not have media support and that was the reason they failed to continue their regime.

“Today in Pakistan media is in premature state. Mostly, media portrays the militancy but it does not show positive activities. If both print and electronic media provide information impartially and keep balance in its programs, it will be fruitful for our young generation,” he viewed

He mentioned that most of TV channels were trying to show western culture while they had strong culture values which were neglected by the media, adding that whether the media represented its own culture in their own languages so it would keep the youngsters aware of their social norms and values.

NYA Youth Governor for KP, Ahsan Hamid Durrani, while highlighting the aims and importance of the organization said that it was an open forum for youth and they could make model polices and legislations for Pakistani youth, adding that they would be able to do social and welfare activities for the society.

He said that 70% population of the country was youth and in future those youngsters would take the reign of the country. “So it is important for the youth to take part in such activities,”

“Our media has no accountability itself because it portrays just urban youths’ cultures and life styles while youth living in villages have been ignored and media has no role in upbringing them,” Ahsan Hamid mentioned.

Azizullah, a member of NYA, said that media and youth could play important role in constructive change of a nation, adding that the aims and objectives of the summit were to highlight the importance of media and role of the youth.

He said that they had been started campaign one month ago in different universities, adding that they wanted to bridge youth with media and brought positive change in the country.

40% youth could cast their votes in coming general elections and with the help of media the new generation would bring a constructive change in the country through polls, he concluded.


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  1. Muzammil Saha Says:

    Very nice presentation just like a bullet. Appreciated thanks

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