Pressure horns in vehicles go unchecked despite ban

Health experts say noise pollution cause various disease

Abdur Razzaq

PESHAWAR: Dr Ahsan Saeed, an Audiologist in Khyber Teaching Hospital (KTH) has warned that noise pollution produced by the pressure horns causing various diseases despite being banned by the government.Noise Pollution

Talking to Dateline Peshawar, Dr Ahsan Saeed said loud noise created mental stress, causing high blood pressure and added that it also affect senses of hearing.

To a question, he said most of the industrial workers were affected by such problems and usually they lost spirit of tolerance. He maintained that they should use noise protection devices during work.

“Unwanted sounds mostly damage man physiologically and psychologically”, Dr Mehvish said, adding that noise pollution could cause irritation, hypertension, high stress level, tinnitus, hearing loss, sleeping disorder, paralysis and other harmful effects.

To a query, she said the government had to take measures to control the noise pollution, besides complete ban on the pressure horns used by the motorists.

Awal Meer, a bus driver, said that he had been driving the vehicle for last six years and mostly using pressure horn in his bus.

“Nowadays everybody is suffering from mantel stress so people do not pay attention to small horns and do not escape themselves by using it in rush and that is the reason we have to use pressure horn” he added.

To a quarry, he said that the traffic authorities had charged him for several times and also had removed pressure horn from his bus, adding that despite ban on pressure horns he was using it that because of heavy rush in the provincial metropolis. He said that the traffic authorities charged them (drivers) on their own well for exercising pressure horns while its charge was only Rs, 200.

Talking to Lead Pakistan, a traffic official said that pressure horns had been banned. He claimed that police had once removed pressure horns and tape-recorders from public transport vehicles during a campaign. He said that several vehicles were fined Rs200 each for using pressure horns.


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