Traders demand reopening of Bara Bazaar

Say shifting of shops has negative impact on sell

Abdur Razzaq

PESHAWAR: Due to ongoing insurgency and military operation in Khyber Agency, Bara Bazaar has been shut downed for the last two and half years and the business community have been shifted to Peshawar and other adjacent areas. The traders demanded to reopen the Bazaar as they have a lot of problems.Bara Bazar

Talking to Lead Pakistan, a trader, Khanzada Khan, said that he had spare-parts business on Ring Road, adding that he had shifted from Bara to Peshawar city two years back because of the closure of the bazaar.

He mentioned that his family was living in Bara and he used to go there after one or two weeks, adding that due to security check posts and bad condition of road, he covered the distance of one-hour in two or three hours.

“My business was better in Bara as compared to the City. The graph of my sell has reduced to 80 percent. Expenditures in Peshawar are very high comparatively”, he mentioned.

He said that government should reopen the Bara Bazaar for trading activities to save people business from collapse.

Another trader, Yousaf, a voltage regulator mechanic, said that he shifted to Peshawar along with some of his family members for business because of worst situation in Khyber Agency, while rest of his family member were living there.

He said that Bara Road had turned into ruins and that was the reason he could not visit his relatives frequently who lived in the remote area. He mentioned that they came to know trough media that government had sanctioned a grant of Rs220million for construction but so far govt neither repaired nor built any new road.

He added that in case of emergency they could not rushed their patient to the hospital on time.

To a quarry, he replied that he could not bring his family members to Peshawar because of heavy rent and other utility bills.

Masooad Khan, a trader of the same area, said that he also shifted from Bara to Peshawar a few years ago due to militancy in the area, adding that his business was better in Bara because there was least rent and other expenditures.

He mentioned that in Bara he had more costumers because that was his native land and has less customers because the City is new for him.

To question, he said that his family was living in Bara and that was the reason he had to visit his house daily. But sometimes, he had to wait for three or four days in his home whenever curfew or operation being underway there, adding it badly effect his business.

He appealed Governor and other high ups of the government to reopen Bara Bazaar and help resolve the matter through negotiations and tribal customs.


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