Parents to sell organs for child’s treatment

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PESHAWAR: An old tribesman on Wednesday has appealed to the government and philanthropists for financial assessments for the treatment of his nine years-old son, Imran, who is suffering from Glycogen storage disease for the last eight years.

Parents to sell organs for child’s treatment.

Parents to sell organs for child’s treatment.

While narrating his ordeal, Khan Afzal, resident of Mukhtar Khel of Landi Kotal tehsil of Khyber Agnecy, said that he was doing odd jobs and the expenditure over the treatment of his son was estimated Rs3.5 millions, adding that he could not bear such a huge amount.

He mentioned the fatal disease remained in his family for the last 20 years and his eleven children including eight sons and three daughters had been died because of the same disease.

He said that his son Imran was the last ray of his hope while he was also suffering from the same disease and under treatment in Sheikh Zaid Hospital Lahore. He added that expenditure of the treatment in Pakistan is Rs3.3 millions while in abroad the cost would be Rs6.6 millions.

He mentioned that both he and his wife were ready to sell organs of their bodies for the treatment of their child if no one helped them.

He appealed to the President of Pakistan, Asif Ali Zardari, Chief Minister Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Ameer Haider Hoti, Political Agent Khyber Agency Mutahir Zeb, Non Government Organizations (NGOs) to extend financial supports to him for saving his lonely son’s life. The child’s relatives can be contacted on this cell phone no.0302-8813083.


2 Responses to “Parents to sell organs for child’s treatment”

  1. Shan Nawaz Says:

    Where are our so called Parliamentarians and philanthropists ? Its now time to accomplish their promise & help the deserving !

  2. Irfan Khan Says:

    Dear we are living in a fools paradise….where we vote for Rs.100, or 5kg oil pack, thats not the fault of these bloody plunders so called democratic leaders but ours…..everyone shouldn’t think for the time being but for the future of their children……if we select our leaders on merit, we won’t confront with such situation, but if we, then the treatment and other things would not be that much costly which one can’t afford…..but people’s representatives always there to help…………..!!

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