Insurgency, militancy force traders to shut their businesses in the City

Abdur Razzaq

PESHAWAR: The ongoing insurgency in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and Federally Administrated Tribal Areas (FATA) has badly affected all kind of business in the province which multiplies problems of both sellers and buyers, while some has shut downed their businesses because of least income in the provincial metropolis.

Mushtaq Ahmad said that his family had been related with carpet business since 1880 in Peshawar Saddar. He added that a few years back the security situation was better so foreigners used to come for buying carpets, but nowadays, they did not come because of worst condition of security in the province.Handicrafts

“When we see foreigners we become very happy just like to see Eid crescent but due to insurgency in the province they do not come and our business comes to a halt.

In the past we had a lot of customers and even we did not have time for lunch, but nowadays our business is zero”, he mentioned.

He said that price-hike had also affected their business, adding that some traders in the Saddar had closed their shops because of least income and high expenditures.

Ayaz Khan, said that he was doing the handicrafts business in the Saddar for last 22 years, adding that his business was totally depend on tourists but due to recent waves of terrorism and bomb blasting in the province, the tourism sector had been affected badly and foreigners did not visit the province.

To a quarry, he said that local people did not take interest in handicrafts as compare to the foreigners, adding that most of the shopkeepers shout downed their shops.

A money-changer, Wajid Ali, said that due to terrorism in the country foreign investors did not take interest in industry sector, adding that home industries also had less output because of energy crisis and high prices of petroleum products, adding export was less as compare to import.

He mentioned that only militancy was not the reason of high price and inflation but huge corruption done by the political figures was also one of the reason behind price hike, which badly affected business and industries in the countries.

He said that in past visitors across the world used to come and they brought dollars with their selves, adding that they exchange foreign currency here which had better impact on their business.

He mentioned that nowadays visitors did not come so their business had affected, adding that few years back he got 10,000 dollars by RS. 150,000, while now he took the same by Rs. 900,000.


One Response to “Insurgency, militancy force traders to shut their businesses in the City”

  1. fayaz Says:

    I second it the Situation in Our province is getting worse day by day and socio-eco position is totally scrumble down …..
    i wish u good luck Razzaq Good work 🙂

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