Vendors demand a separate place for business

Abdur Razzaq

PESHAWAR: In provincial metropolis of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, vendors who have displayed their business setups on roadsides, have demanding that the district government provide a specific area to continue their business as the contentment board took away their valuable goods during operation.

Talking to the Lead Pakistan, a vendor Najeebullah, said that he was selling cell phones accessories for the last few years, adding that he had a shop in the past but due to high rent and inflation he had left it and started his business on footpath.

He said that the price of those accessories displayed in shops was more expensive as compare to footpath, adding that he used to sell cell phone charger on Rs.200 and now he offered the same just on Rs.90 on footpath.Vendor

To quarry he replied, said that his daily earning was 400 to 500 rupees which hardly met his family’s daily expenditures.

He ironically said that inflation was being increasing day-by-day and earned less, adding it was not possible for him to manage his family expenditures.

“During operation carried out by contentment board against encroachment in the city, the concerned officials took away our valuable goods and only those people bring them back who has approach, otherwise, we have to pay heavy charges”, he expressed.

In the past, government had allotted a place to them on Mall Road but customers did not visit the place because it was too away from the main Saddar Bazaar, he mentioned.

Another vendor, Misal Khan from Mohmmand Agency, told to this scribe that for last 35 years his father had a shop in Peshawar Saddar but unfortunately his shop burned to ashes due to short circuit, and eventually he came out to footpath to carry on his business.

“There is always rush in bazzars because of vendors which creates hurdles for pedestrians but it has never been my desire to be a vendor but the limitation of resources has made me to do so”, He admitted.

Khalid Jamil, another vendor said that he had been selling sunglasses for last ten years, adding that first he was a salesman and later he started his own business here in Saddar on roadside because of lack of capital.

“Traffic police and contentment board do not allow us to sell goods on footpath. If the authorities arrest us selling goods on roadside then we have to pay a charge of Rs.1500”, he added.

He appealed to the provincial government for the cooperation and demanded that the contentment board should provide them specific area. In this way heavy rush could be reduced and roads would be open for pedestrians as well as motorists, he expressed.


2 Responses to “Vendors demand a separate place for business”

  1. Tariq ali Says:

    i agree with these people, in fact i feel sympathy as will as anger for the citizens of Pakistan. sympathy for their innocence and anger for their the order of the whole world is changed…government of each country is responsible for their citizens …governments is responsible for providing facilities and ease of life to their citizens. but in Pakistan the case is just opposite … citizens are facilitating the govt by paying high taxes and in return the govt provides them just one facility…and that is death. i just wonder why is this so in Pakistan…and i feel that the main reason is our negligence or ignorance and i feel that we deserve so…just think for a moment …when somebody sell out his vote just for 800 or 1000 rupees and he/she elect an ineligible person as his leader then what he/she has to expect??? i think that is not something like TO ELECT or ELECTION…that is SELECTION….and what you select then you have be happy with that…any how Allah have mercy on us…

  2. sanan Says:

    A country which abodes discrimination among people in every field of life such type of issues are paid no heed.

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