Smoking causing lung cancer and heart diseases: Dr says

Abdur Razzaq

PESHAWAR: Despite the approval of the Prohibition of Smoking and Protection of Non-smokers Health Ordinance 2002, under the ordinance no one is allowed to smoke or use tobacco in public places but still people doing smoking in public places, hospitals and educational institutions which badly affects the non-smoking persons. Government has failed in implementing the law against smoking.No smoking

Mohsin Khan, who’s studying in University of Peshawar (UoP), said majority of students inside the campus doing smoking which badly affected the non-smokers, adding that despite ban on cigarettes smoking large number of students were busy in smoking inside departments, canteen, common rooms and other public places.

He said the university administration had failed to stop smoking inside the campus especially public places. He added that most of the students were allergic to smoking but they inhaled the smoke passively which later made smokers.

Mohsin suggested that the UoP administration should arrange seminars against smoking to aware students about dangerous smoking affects, adding that students’ societies should also drive anti-smoking campaigns then it would be possible to prevent a studios environment from this curse.

Fifty seven years old, Javed Khan, said in past he used to do smoking everywhere as there was no restriction on smoking but now he stop smoking.

Answering to a quarry he replied that he was a sport’s man and played very well but due to smoking he felt weakness that’s why he had to avoid smoking.

He said nowadays majority of people are doing smoking in busses, public places, hospitals, recreational places and in educational institutions which affects the non-smokers passively, adding that smoking in public places is an immoral act and causing various diseases.

Dr Naveed, a surgeon in Lady Reading Hospital Peshawar, commented on cigarette smoking he said in current scenario cigarette is considered as common thing and smoking has become a fashion. He added exposure to smoking was a serious health risk, even for passive smokers. Passive and active smoking caused lungs to contract, lung cancer and increased chances of protracting heart diseases, he said. Other health complications caused by smoking include gastric ulcers and prenatal problems, he said.

Pareferal arterial disease was also causing by smoking mostly in youngsters of age from 20 to 30 years. In this case the patient could not perform his/her routine work properly. In this case the patient had to stop smoking immediately, he suggested.


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    its really an appreciative work, so keep it up !

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