Winter festival held in PEF

 Minister says the youth should utilize energy in bringing peace in the region 

Abdur Razzaq

PESHAWAR: A one-day winter festival was organized by Pakistan Education Foundation (PEF) aimed to bring peace, love and friendship among the students in which people from all walks of life took participation.

The festival was formally inaugurated by Provincial Ministers for Sports and Culture, Syed Aqil Shah, who was also the chief guest on the occasion.

A student shows her interest in cloths during the festival.

A student shows her interest in cloths during the festival.

The event organized in collaboration of Grass Root Empowerment Organization (GREO) made the people mesmerized as there were different stalls including food, clothes, jewelry, Chitrali handy craft and consultancy booth for the students seeking abroad admission in different educational institutions.

The provincial minister, on the occasion, praised efforts of the students and added that they (students) should also utilize their energy to bring peace and tranquility especially in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and Fata in particular.

He added that such activities would bring tolerance amongst the youngsters and it would bring positive changes in the life of students in future.

Earlier, a funfair was organized in which students from different educational institutions took active part.

A colorful fashion show was also held in the evening in which renowned models from Islamabad and Lahore exhibited formal and casual dresses designed by different designers.

GREO Chairperson, Saima Aamir, said that the festival was aimed to give awareness to the youth that how they could bring everlasting friendship and peace in their society.

She added that some local and non-local singers also performed in the gala, adding that with the help of such events youth’s skills could be developed in a proper and positive manner.

She mentioned that it was a positive event and such activities in future would help bring  peace in the province.

A 1st year medical student of PEF, Jamila Noor, said that she participating in the event for first time and enjoyed it very much. She further said that such extra-curriculum activities would boost their courage and efficiencies. She said that administration of educational institution should organize such healthy activities for their students each year.


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